Burning Man

App Design


Burning Man is an art festival located in Black Rock City, NV. The concept app allows users to locate their position, access events schedules, and learn more about the festival.

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eople talk about Burning Man as a life-changing experience, but they can’t put into words what Burning Man is. I researched this by watching the Burning Man documentary, “Spark: A Burning Man Story” and reading “Burning Man : Art on fire” ” What I learned was whether your building and art installation or attending an event, participating in Burning Man makes the festival what it is.

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A Man is Reborn

Every year, Burning man reveals a new theme to represent their event. For the app, I designed an Egyptian theme based on the festival’s desert region. The identity was based on Egyptian and Native American hieroglyphics I researched and the burnt red and sandy orange color scheme was devised to match the logo.

Navigating the festival

Below are some of the features I researched to help users enjoy their Burning Man experience.


Surviving the Desert

Up-to-date weather information is an important feature for the Burning Man app. Extreme temperatures, dust storms, or hail storm could hit the festival anytime. By having this information, users can make a plan of action to seek shelter or find adequate water during a weather event.



Hieroglyphics were key elements in helping users find specific events, navigate through the festival, and get from one page to another.


The Celestial Map

The Burning man map is laid out according to the celestial map. The map is color coated to represent each time zone from 2pm to 10pm. Users can match the time with the street name to coordinate were there event is. When online, the map also can share your location, time and distance to an event, by clicking the location. Additional icons, such as restrooms and first aid station shows users were the closest facilities are.